Heartland Wines

Environment Impact

We work with many small growers in Langhorne Creek with whom we have long standing relationships and friendships. We encourage and support best environmental practice in their vineyards as it leads to better grapes in the short term and better vineyards over the years.

Our own Angas Vineyard in Langhorne Creek is heavily involved in the reintroduction of native species with plantings of indigenous trees, grasses and bushes throughout the property. This in turn, creates a haven for native fauna. We have implemented stringent water controls, restricting usage and tailoring watering to the needs of individual varieties. Angas is an accredited irrigator in the Angas Bremer Water Management Committee. Working with the CSIRO, aquifer storage and recovery is used to safeguard the quality of the water table and ensure long-term viticulture in harmony with nature.

As part of our conservation strategy, the use of chemicals in our vineyards has been judiciously reduced to an absolute minimum to ensure the ongoing health of the vines and surrounding eco-system.

Wirrega Lake
Wirrega Lake

Our Wirrega Vineyard in the Limestone Coast has been granted Freshcare accreditation. Water preservation is a key element to a healthy Australian environment. At Wirrega no water comes to the vines that has not either come from the ground or the sky. Natural underground reservoirs and rain mean that nothing is removed from the rivers or outside sources. Night irrigation and under-vine mulching reduce evaporation. We use integrated pest management, with native species of grass limiting weeds, while providing habitat for predatory insects and spiders that reduce vineyard pests. In winter our manager offers a welcome to local sheep that graze on the weeds. This holistic approach to soil, pest and waste management greatly reduces are dependence on chemical processes and this makes for a healthier environment.

Heartland’s Winery and Ben Glaetzer’s home is Barossa Vintners in Tanunda. Here we have become Australian leaders in the adoption of a solar array for all our power needs. With one of South Australia's largest solar generators we are able to genuinely minimize our carbon footprint. It is our boldest step to make a positive environmental impact and do our part to keep this planet for future generations.