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Angas Vineyard, Langhorne Creek

Access to great fruit is the most vital element in making great wine. Langhorne Creek has given us this element. Buying fruit allows us to remain adaptable and agile and to source the best from a given vintage wherever we may find it. That being said, there is security in having vines you can call your own and rely on each vintage to supply your needs.

Angas Vineyards, Langhorne Creek
Angas Vineyards, Langhorne Creek

For us, this security is found in Angas Vineyards in Langhorne Creek. Here the team, work to create grapes of consistent excellence in line with the wines Heartland produces each vintage. 

Established in 1997 in the heart of Langhorne Creek, Angas is farmed using the principles of environmental sustainability. The vineyard consists of old alluvial plains with deep loamy sand and sandy loam over clay soils. Glad you asked?