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Foreign Correspondent (SOLD OUT)

Heartland Foreign Correspondent brings international grapes and sets them in an Australian context to bring our wine drinkers the truth that not all reds taste the same. This wine is now SOLD OUT. Stayed tuned for the next vintage of this exceptional wine and get yours before it's gone. Email admin@heartlandwines.com.au to reserve your case.

Case (6 pack)

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Vintage: 2016

Varieties: Lagrein 51% Dolcetto 49%

Region: Langhorne Creek

Tasting Note:

Foreign Correspondent is a hard hitting exploration of fruit character. Red berries zip around the mouth. They are enhanced by a sprinkling of herbs and spices. This is an uncompromising, elegant and sophisticated way to enjoy a relaxing glass of red that pairs with everything from fine food to fine company. It is a serious red that doesn’t ask to be taken seriously.

Serving Suggestion:

Try serving Foreign Correspondent slightly chilled, either by itself or accompanied by any dish you would normally reserve for whites and roses. The results should be informative.


The Dolcetto and Lagrein were picked simultaneously on the 23rd of February. This is over a week before our standard Dolcetto picking date and two and half weeks before we picked our remaining Lagrein. The two were then co-fermented for 24 hours before being taken off skins for a remarkable lightness of colour and tannin. No oak was used for this wine which was left in stainless steel for six months before cold stabilization and bottling.

2016 vintage:

Wine maker Ben Glaetzer reckons this might be the finest vintage he has ever seen from Langhorne Creek. Perfect growing conditions have led us to be able to experiment with a new wine and new winemaking techniques that enhance the experience for us and hopefully for our wine drinkers too.

Alcohol: 12.5%

Released: August 2016

Optimum drinking: 2016-2018

Drink:  Chilled

100% Unoaked