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Spice Trader Mixed Case

12 bottles of the Spice Trader range in one mixed case. Let the adventure begin! Includes 4 bottles of Spice Trader Cabernet, 4 bottles of Spice Trader Shiraz and 4 bottles of Spice Trader Shiraz Cabernet. Available through the Heartland online store only.

Case (12 pack)

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Just as the spice traders of old, we risk all in search of exotic flavours. We join you in the hunt for those elusive spices that fascinate our palates and capture our imaginations. Wine should be an adventure. And this 12 bottle mixed case will definitely take you on one!

Each 12 bottle case includes:

4 bottles 2014 Spice Trader Cabernet Sauvignon [100%]

The dark colour comes from the ripe and dense skins of the Cabernet grapes in the warm autumn sun. It bursts with dark fruit flavours and is framed by smooth chocolate and vanilla with hints of fresh mint. A full-bodied red wine which is both rich and easy drinking.

4 bottles 2014 Spice Trader Shiraz [100%]
Boasting nuances of dark fruit from sweet blueberry to savoury black olive, and with a punch of flavour that tapers off and leaves a lovely spicy peppery note.

4 bottles 2015 Spice Trader Shiraz [52%] and Cabernet Sauvignon [48%]

This is an intense glass of juicy and delicious red. A burst of dark primary fruit hits the palate with a compote of blueberries, blackberries and currants. These powerful fruit notes can engulf the uninitiated, but waves of spice, fresh spearmint and dried herbs can be discovered by seasoned flavour explorers.